Helping the Premium Rate Industry remain secure and compliant.
ETX and Enarpee have joined forces to supply a full suite of regulatory services to the Premium rate Industry. Commenting on the partnership, Declan Pettit, ETX Managing Director said: “Enarpee have years of experience in this market and have built up not only a fine reputation, but also a network of International connections that we can tap into. Additionally, their consultative services acts as a perfect complement to our tech focused solutions’. Neil Penny, MD of Enarpee added: “We have known ETX for years and are aware that they have a stable of well recognised, scalable applications to cater for the regulatory needs of the industry. GoVerifyIt and their remote automated testing facilities in particular have a wide appeal and traction with the Premium Rate market already.”
The problem for Web Merchants
Until recently, in order to remain compliant with UK regulations, there were two allowable methods of acquiring customers over the Web, using Network Operator billing. However, there are various hurdles with both of them: Payforit and the user initiatated (MO) methods make web sales ineffective and unprofitable (due to additional clicks required or taking user away from content page). Various bank/credit card solutions (PayPal etc) have been filling the breach in the meantime, but a vast sway of the mobile content market - who don't have or don't want to use a credit card - are being lost in the ether.
The solution for Web Merchants
Following PhonePayPlus's release of their 12th Code of Practice – and in particular their announcement that 3rd Party Independent verification is acceptable, there is now a 'Third Way'. ETX are pleased to announce, in conjunction with Enarpee Services - UK'S leading compliance consultancy services - the release of a new framework for a secure, unobtrusive customer acquisition tool for the web called GoVerifyIt. Developed in close cooperation with the Regulator, GoVerifyIt can not only provide a secure, compliant, independently verified means of closing web sales, but will work with all major microbilling Providers.
Also Available
  • GoVerifyIt Mobile web acquisition tool.
  • GoVerifyIt Marketing verification tool.

'With the introduction of the new 12th Code, it is good to see a member has worked through PhonePayPlus compliance to develop a product within the new regulatory framework, which offers a user friendly way of securely and effectively acquiring customers on the web – where there is a full, independent audit trail of the purchase.'.

Rory Maguire
CEO, AIME (Association Industry)

'our take-up rate has greatly improved– effectively halving our Cost per Acquisition – since using Goverifyit. It also allows us to be more confident in demonstrating that our services are compliant'

Brian Gilsenan
Chief Marketing Officer, zamano PLC

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