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Who are Enarpee Services?
What we do

Enarpee Services are the World experts in Regulatory Advice, Due Diligence, Compliance and Product & Service Audits for Companies utilising Premium Billed Mechanisms in support of their services to Consumers.

We combine extensive practical, business and commercial experience with just the right mix of local Regulatory & Compliance expertise, for example: PhonepayPlus (UK), ACMA (Australia), AGCOM (Italy), IDA (Singapore), WASPA (South Africa). With the price of failure now so high (with fines regularly running into hundreds of thousands of pounds) it's now time to consider the services we provide.

Who we are

Since their launch in 2006, Enarpee Services have evolved to become the UK's largest Independent Regulatory and Compliance Support Services Company and expanded to be providing direct client support in over 20 countries around the Globe.

Our Mission: to work with you in a precise, friendly, confidential and impartial manner that is focussed on helping you achieve your commercial objectives in a manner which ensures full compliance to Regulatory and Legal Requirements and respecting rights of Consumers. Our support also ensures you always have full control and protection for your business.

The Team
Neil Penny

Neil has over 30 years of Systems and Telecoms experience, including 10 years in HM Forces (Army) where he specialised in secure data and radio communications. Moving into the private sector he worked for NatWest as SWIFT Communications Manager, Orange as Product Manager for the first pre-paid service 'Just Talk', Norweb (now Vodafone) as Head of Telebusiness (Non-Geographic and Premium Rate Services) and COLT Telecom as Head of Intelligent Network Services for UK, Ireland, Northern Europe and Scandinavia. In 2003 he joined Opera Telecom taking on the role of Director of Commercial Operations before founding Enarpee Services in 2006.

Toby Padgham

Toby has over 20 years’ experience working with companies in the interactive media and premium rate Industry. Having founded the Industry trade organisation AIME in 2007 Toby worked closely with mobile companies and media to drive numerous market growth initiatives and to ensure consistent Industry representation to regulators, government and Industry stakeholders. Under Toby's leadership AIME grew rapidly, securing membership of leading brands such as Vodafone, EE, ITV, BBC, Sony Entertainment and establishing itself as the UK's leading premium rate trade body. Prior to setting up AIME Toby founded the trade organisation NOC in 2000 and the International Telemedia Association in 1995. In 2000 Toby bought the events company World Telemedia Ltd from United News & Media, launching several products including the trade publication Telemedia Magazine in 2001 and a further event AOE in 2003 - eventually selling his interests in 2007. Toby remains an Exec Director of AIME and owns the consultancy business 49DS Ltd.

Nicki Humphries

As the Company Financial Controller Nicki has over 15 Years of Commercial Finance Experience. Nicki’s career started with 12 years Military Service (Army), operating secure field and static data communications systems all over the world. Since then she has held a variety of positions which enhanced her Accountancy experience including as a General Manager for an Insurance Company. For the last 4 years, Nicki has expanded her own client portfolio as well as managing and auditing the accounts for Enarpee Service and other Companies.

Kirsten Calland

Kirsten is Enarpee Service’s Head of International Operations and has a wealth of experience gained over many years working in the Telecoms Industry. Previously Kirsten has held Senior Management roles within well-known telecom organisations such as Invomo, Eckoh, MonsterMob and Totalise. She has also worked with some of the world’s largest media brands such as STV, EMap, Trinity Mirror, Northcliffe, and IPC. All of this means Kirsten’s experience with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Carriers, Content, Media, Mobile Services and Live services provides Enarpee with an additional layer of entrepreneurial and commercial flair providing accurate and focussed guidance to our clients all over the world. Kirsten obtained a 2:1 degree in Consumer Services Management.

Our Services

Compliance is not just for now, it is an ongoing requirement. For this reason whilst we work ad hoc with some clients, most clients are on a Consultancy package that provides a high level of support as and when they need it. This includes:

Product Testing

We will test and evaluate your service and ensure it meets all the necessary requirements, all messages and verifications are in place etc. This service is available in every territory we operate.

Product/Service Audits

We will test and evaluate your service and ensure it meets all the necessary requirements, all messages and verifications are in place etc. This service is available in every territory we operate.

Crisis Management

Timely practical advice and assistance when problems arise with any aspect of your service offerings. Available when you most need it.

Legal Support

Priority access to highly experienced and specialist legal teams for advice and opinion on regulatory, political, general legal or public domain media problems.

Staff Training

Management, Employee and Induction training on regulatory and compliance matters in order to ensure company skill sets are matched with your Company ethos. This is also highly useful in identifying any internal sales, marketing or management knowledge gaps. We can also provide you with the option of creating a staff regulatory accreditation scheme.

Refunds Management

If you do not want the hassle of arranging refunds to consumers then let us take this administrative task off you. We already provide this service for a number of non-UK companies who have a requirement to issue refunds on a regular basis. We issue UK cheques to UK consumers but if you have international refunds to issue, that is no problem. We can also cater for Consumer refunds anywhere around the world. Talk to us about your specific requirements and we will let you know how we can help.

Compliance Advice and Pre Clearance

We will assist with gaining Prior Permission (from a UK Regulator) and offer advice on the often complex Ofcom, PhonepayPlus & Mobile Codes of Practice to minimise the risk and penalties of Code violations

Partner Introductions [+]

We know the UK and its key players extremely well - if you are not familiar with the UK market, we can introduce you to the right technical and commercial partners who can assist you with your commercial objectives.

Broadcast Support

Compliance Management and Support for Companies providing services in the Broadcast Sector – Whether you are providing a Participation and Quiz TV Service or you are promoting a competition, we can verify compliance and authenticate any interactive voting services. We have provided this support for one of the world’s largest broadcasters, to some of the smallest. Enarpee are regularly a first port of call for Channels and TV stations that wish their Process and Services to be fully audited in Compliance with Ofcom requirements. Come and speak to us about your specific assistance needs and we’ll be delighted to help you.

Telecoms & Gaming Regulatory Service

Clients receive up to date briefings, interpretation and advice on regulatory developments from all Government Agencies, Regulators and Network Operators.

Copy Advice and Terms & Condition

Review of all your intended marketing materials, terms & conditions to check for compliance.

Translation Services

We employ people all over the world – People who are fluent in their own language as well as an excellent knowledge of English. If you are providing services in non-English speaking territories, don’t rely on free online translation services to get you by. Quite often they are wrong which can make your service look highly unprofessional and of poor quality. Come and speak to us about our translation services and we are confident of fulfilling all your linguistic needs.

Our clients

We have an extensive range of clients that we work with on an ad hoc and retained basis:

  • Network Providers
  • Level 1/Technology Aggregators and Providers
  • Level 2 Content Providers and Marketing Companies
  • Broadcasters
  • Affiliate Marketers

If you would like to discuss your compliance and regulatory needs then contact us at


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